Thursday, November 12, 2009

Check Out LeapFish Search Engine

Do you do a lot of searching on the internet? Searching on Google or Yahoo or even Bing can be sometimes flat. Well now there is a really cool new search engine I just found out about. It's called leapfish.

The cool thing about leapfish is that you can search in real time. I just visited leapfish to do a search on Red Sox news. Because if you know me, you know what a huge Red Sox fan I am. And even though the season is over, this time of year there is still a lot going on with the Red Sox. Such as trade negotiations and contracts and who will be back next year.

I just found out on leapfish that Jason Varitek will be coming back as the Red Sox catcher next year, but he won't be the starter anymore. He will be the second catcher. This is big news for all Red Sox fans.

Another really cool thing about leapfish is that you can and share information in real time results. For example when I searched for news on Jason Varitek, I came up with results on the web, news results, Twitter results, video results, and even blog results about him. And leapfish also allows you to share your search results.

I love that feature. I love searching for things and then I want to share them. I shared my search results on my Twitter, and I can also share on Facebook too if I want. That is so cool! And if you want to look up Google, Yahoo, or Bing results on something you can do that too all right on leapfish.

Check out the video below for more information!


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  1. I'll def have to check that out! The only search engine I use right now is Google, but leapfish sounds great!
    Thanks for sharing!