Monday, August 24, 2015

WW Latest Camping Pictures

We went camping again recently.

We went to a different place, that we hadn't been to before. It reminds me of the Bear Grylls show where you face your fears - ha-ha. Because There was a dock out in the water and we all jumped off of it -(a bunch of times) even though we were all scared because we hadn't jumped off one in so many years.

We also faced our fears of going out in a canoe. My daughter and I usually rent a paddle boat. But this time we rented a canoe. Any time I've been in a canoe I usually am just a "passenger" but this time she made me actually paddle. We did pretty good at it!

we also had to cook over the fire - which we never do. But we ran out of gas in the middle of cooking chicken & potatoes one night and the store had already closed so we had to do it over the fire. It came out  ok - not great- lol

Here's our camper - some day i would love to get a bigger/newer one, but this one will have to do for now. lol

I have more pictures from this trip and some from a historical place we visited while on this trip. I will share those soon. Wish summer lasted longer but may not be able to go camping again I guess until next year. lol

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