Saturday, August 1, 2015

Selfie Stick #Review

my daughter has wanted a selfie stick for awhile. so that's why I was happy to get one for free to review.

she took a lot of pictures and some videos using this recently. I want her to send me over one of the videos because it was one she took on my son's birthday, but she didn't send it to me yet. lol. I will add it to this post once she cooperates and sends it over to me... lol

here is some info on this particular selfie stick:

Product Description
Selfie Stick - Lightest & Smallest [Battery Free] Monopod Fits in Pocket - New 2015 Design for iPhone and Android Phones (Black)

  • At only 7.3 inches (fully-retracted) & 4.5 oz., this retractable mini monopole is so small & lightweight it fits conveniently in your pocket, purse, shoulder bag or glove box so it's always handy to use for great self-portrait photos.
    Versatile mono-pod is remote controlled using your smartphone's ear bud jack, so there's no need to rely on bluetooth connections or charging batteries.
    Easy setup - Plug 'n play operation - No app required - Works right out of the box with any iPhone model (5, 5s, & 6) or Galaxy (s3, s4, s5 & s6) or other Android smartphone.
    Holder rotates 270 degrees so you can snap photos easily from a variety of angles without having to hold the mono pod in an awkward position.
    Extendable pole can snap photos from over 2 feet (28.3 in) away, making it perfect for fantastic large group or over-the-crowd shots in tight spaces. Non-slip handle & wrist strap lets you hold the pole securely while you snap your picture.

Update - here is the video my daughter took when we were giving my son his birthday cake - using selfie stick:

Pros: you don't need batteries or bluetooth connection to use
         no app required just plug in and use

Con: maybe it's because we are using it with an iPod - but the button doesn't work actually - if she wants to take picture the self button on stick doesn't work automatically - which may defeat purpose? even though I read on other Amazon reviews that someone was using it with in ipod. 

Purchase - you can buy the Mini Wired Selfie Stick for iPhone & Android on Amazon

disclosure: I received product free for review only.

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