Friday, August 7, 2015

Ecooda Tiro Pro Series Caster Round Baitcasting reel and accessory #review

If you are a regular reader here then you know my husband and I love fishing. So that is why I was excited to get some fishing stuff to review. 

I received the Ecooda Tiro Pro Series Caster Round Baitcasting reel and the  KastKing pliers 

below is a video I took of my husband using the reel and fighting in a catfish:

Here's a pic I posted on Instagram last weekend 

collage showing reel, using pliers and the fish he caught

We put this reel on a rod we already had, it was very easy to set up and put on, my husband did it in less then 15 min with putting on some new line too. 

Some thoughts from my husband on these 2 new equipment:

the reel:

nice ball bearings
control cap adjustments were very positive in helping to prevent birds nests 
clutch lever positioning is very convenient 


different crimping areas are nice and come in handy

There is somewhat of a technique to using a reel like this - I haven't used it yet myself, we hopefully will be going fishing again soon so I will be trying this out too along with my husband. 


you can get these both on Amazon

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p.s I love fishing too and catch some but always have pics of him catching them not me lol 

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