Friday, August 21, 2015

Five Minute Friday: Find

Hey guys, I am trying a new post I found out about it is Five Minute Friday. And the prompt this week is FIND.


I find myself worrying about my family. My sister is very sick with brain cancer. I got back from a camping trip to find my other sister was in the hospital with the sodium problem she has. And at the same time her husband, my BIL had a heart attack. I was away, but no one even called me. I came home yesterday, to find that this had all happend not to far from that, it happened Monday.

My BIL is ok, but he had 2 to 3? operations. He had to have two stints put in and actually came home yesterday. I find that I guess it's not about me, but find myself a little perterbed I didn't find out sooner, even though I guess being so far away I couldn't do anything anyway.

I also find myself thinking of this pic I took before I moved.


BIL & my Daughter  2011

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