Saturday, August 8, 2015

Tips to Survive North Carolina’s Ongoing Heat Wave

North Carolina is currently in the midst of a massive heat wave. Temperatures fluctuated between the mid and upper 80s throughout the last half of June. Many experts predicted that the temperatures would start to decline, but there has been little evidence that a cool front is on the horizon. You will need to prepare your home for the persistent heat if you want to stay comfortable.

Know When to Use Ventilation

Using ventilation systems is often a good way to get rid of hot air, but there are times that you actually bring more hot air into the house. As a rule of thumb, it’s generally best to only use ventilation if the incoming air is under 78 degrees. This means that window fans are a good option during the evening, but could be counterproductive in the middle of the afternoon.

Consider Planting Trees

Many people in North Carolina plant trees to keep their home cool during the summer. These trees can block the sun from penetrating your windows during the day, which can shave your cooling bills considerably.
However, you need to weigh the cost savings from cooling against the potential benefits of solar heat during the wintertime. If you plan to leverage solar heat later in the year, then you should probably consider a more temporary solution to reduce sunlight. Installing some drapes may be a better idea, although you will need to adjust to the reduced sunlight.
However, you can often plant trees on the northern, eastern and western sides of your house to reduce sunlight in the summer, while still getting sufficient solar heat in the winter. You will need to assess the light that your house receives to determine what your best options are.

Consider Installing a Central Air Conditioning

Older conditioning units often fail to provide decent heating capabilities. You may need to install a central HVAC system instead. These systems are much more reliable. Make sure that you also replace the outdoor compressor unit, because this plays an important role in regulating heat in your house.
The system also needs periodic maintenance to work properly. It is a good idea to speak with Kay Heating and Air Conditioning, a heating and cooling service company in Greensboro. You can try Kay Heating and Air Conditioning by filling out the contact form on the link provided.

Alternate Between Your Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner

You will need to use both your dehumidifier and air conditioner to keep your home cooled in a hot and humid state like North Carolina. However, you shouldn’t run the two at the same time. The dehumidifier produces a lot of excessive heat while it is running, which forces your air conditioner to use more power. Your best bet is to either run the dehumidifier while you are away from home or during the cooler parts of the day. You don’t usually need to run it consistently to keep your home cool.

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