Friday, August 28, 2015

In The Summer Time

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*(love the song In the Summer Time)

Some things I will miss about Summer are not to be weird is Hummingbirds. I love hummingbirds and we have a feeder right outside our porch, And we get about 3 or 4 hummingbirds buzzing around. By the end of the Summer they get so used to you that if you're sitting out there they buzz right up to your face to check you out. It is really cool, my husband likes them too.

see the hummingbird? (c) +STAY AT HOME MOM 

I love to wear shorts all summer and flip flops. So I'm not looking forward to going to the heavier clothes lol - although my feet/legs started hurting lately. So maybe it's time to ditch the flip flops anyway. he-he

photo credit: via photopin (license)

I will miss not having to drive everyone everywhere. My son started school last week and until he either gets his license/car or gets the moped he bought last year running again (for some reason not working) I am in charge of driving him/picking him up at school now.....Also once my daughter starts school, will be at least starting the dance classes again 2-3 times a week and maybe a sport? she may do one this year will be driving her around too.

taken a year ago

I will also miss camping. I know you can go camping other times of the year. But I love doing it Summer mostly because we love the water and swimming and for some reason in VA you can't go swimming after Labor Day at the state parks..When we lived in NH you could swim even in October. Oh well maybe we can camp down near Virginia Beach? that would be cool... I will have another post next week about our last camping trip (to continue my post from this Wednesday)

my daughter took this selfie while we were camping a couple of weeks ago lol 

Hope you all have had a great Summer! I guess we can start looking forward to Christmas - lol

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