Tuesday, May 12, 2015

WW Dance 2015 Recap

My daughter's dance recital was last week. Basically Tue-Sat is rehearsals, dress rehearsal and 2 shows. 

I didn't get as many pictures of my daughter during the actual behind the scenes stuff like I usually do, because she didn't really want me too. I snuck this one while her and some others for her class were practicing before they went on:

These are the professional pictures had taken of her: Ballet, Pointe, Hip Hop & Theater Jazz 

taken when her hair was diff color 

After recital:

husband, Amanda & Ben

Amanda & I

this year I did manage to take 4 videos of the dances during the dress rehearsal, Google + put them all together for me in this short montage - which is cool 

If anyone wants me to post the videos in full let me know I could post them here next week or on Google Plus or even my FB page.

In  conclusion, I want to say how grateful, I am to my blog, all my sponsored posts, advertisers and all my blog supporters and all of you readers. I have said before, and believe it or not every bit of money I make from this blog I use to pay for my daughters' dance classes. So I am hoping the same will happen for next year too. Thanks! 

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