Saturday, May 16, 2015

#Review Bubble Therapy and NuElle Triple Action Anti Cellulite

I received two products to review - from the same company

The first one is Bubble Therapy Pure & Natural Bubble Bath 3 in 1. 

Product description 

bubble bath, shampoo and body wash, 3 in 1, contains a host of soothing nourishments like, Calendula, Chamomile, and Oat which is perfect for cleansing delicate baby skin and hair, as well as adults.  Mild and non-irritating it creates a lot of stable long lasting bubbles for the best fun time in the tub.  Oatmilk helps relieve Eczema, while Calendula moisturizes and soothes dry skin.  This plant-based formula is gentle for pregnant women, and can be used by the entire family.

My daughter actually wanted to try this. Since she likes taking baths. She pretty much has used the whole thing of this - since I received it awhile ago. She said it smells really nice and really bubbled up good. That is the great thing about it too is that it is safe for kids and the whole family. Please visit the website for more info and ingredients.

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The next product I got is NuElle Triple Action Anti Cellulite:

  • All natural with Organic ingredients
  • Contains top 20+ well known botanical cellulite fighting ingredients: Caffeine, Sandalwood, CoQ10, Birch, Buchu, Algae Extract, Pullulan, Hibiscus, Butcher's Broom, Kola Nut, Cayenne, Juniper, Ivy, L'Carnitine, Bladderwack, Horsetail, Horse Chestnut, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Cat's Claw, Ginkgo, Gotu Cola, Fennel, Kelp and others.
  • Diuretic, improves circulation, reduces the appearance of cellulite overtime, Firming, detoxifying, organic and all natural
  • Light cream texture, easy to apply, fast absorbing. Creates mild sauna effect.

I have been putting some on my stomach since I got this. this is a white cream when comes out and rather thick. It blends in fast and rubs in to a clear gel like cream. I use a cloth to put it on since, I personally don't like to get creams like this all over my hands. It does have a scent, but not sure what - maybe lemony. Not to overpowering. I did notice the "sauna" effect like they said, after applying. You may not experience this but you do get a little warming in the area that you apply it.

It is maybe to early to tell if this is working or not, but I am going to continue to use this and will update you with further results. I may try on some other areas, and am hopeful of this working. I

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disclosure: products received free to review only. 
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