Saturday, May 23, 2015

Perfect Grill Gloves #Review

*disclosure: free product received to review only*

Hey everyone! Are you ready for barbeque season! Now that it is Memorial Weekend the unofficial beginning of Summer?

I think we may finally do some outdoor grilling this weekend. And I am excited to try out a new product that I got awhile ago.

Here is some product info:

  • EXCELLENT GRIP - Silicone grips on both sides for non-slip handling of hot objects. They may seem overly large, but not when wearing. The extra bulk or inside layer is needed for protection.
  • SUPREME QUALITY - Super heat resistant insulated fabric. The outer layer of gloves do not catch fire & do not melt when exposed to an open flame.Perfect for Home Cooking, Grilling, Baking, Camping, Smoker, BBQ, Fireplace, Microwave and more
  • PERFECT FIT - The perfect grill gloves are designed for loose fitting for easy slip on & off and for air to circulate through your hands
  • SAFEGUARD AGAINST EXTREME HEAT - Heat Resistant Durability For Temperatures Up To 662 Degrees Fahrenheit

My review:

I received these actually a little over a month ago, and have only had a chance to use them in the kitchen so far. Which is actually a good thing, these came just in time. Since every other pot holder I had, for some reason, had disappeared lol.

  I have been using them as my main oven mitts. When taking hot pans out of the oven and even microwave, I have been using these and they work really great. I didn't feel any heat at all picking up hot dishes, etc. using them. I have never had any gloves like this so I can not compare them to other brands, but I really like these. They are also comfortable to use and they fit great, and don't feel bulky on your hands. 

I am also excited to try them soon at the barbeque - hopefully even this weekend! My husband wants to do some grilling so he can try them then!

Also we recently got a outdoor fire pit that we have to put the top grill over the top of it & I think these will come in handy for that. 

I would really recommend the Perfect Grill gloves to you for all the different uses as I have described above!

Purchase: You can find The Perfect Grill Gloves at Amazon. On sale now for $23.25

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