Thursday, May 7, 2015

Ideas for Personal Baby Shower Gifts

With the arrival of Spring brings a number of social engagements, including weddings, engagement parties, and, yes, baby showers. While these celebrations are certainly exciting, it is often difficult to know what to get an expectant parent. If you want a gift that truly stands out, consider thinking outside of the box and giving something personal at your upcoming baby showers. Here are three ideas to get you started:

Monogrammed Baby Gear

Nothing says personal like monogramming. Luckily, you can monogram almost anything these days, making this an outstanding way to make your gift stand out. Look into monogramming things such as blankets, towels, bibs, and even bottles. If the parents haven't chosen a name yet, you can still give something personal. Find out what their nursery colors are and get something to match, or simply monogram your chosen items with the baby's last name. These small touches will mean the world to a couple expecting and will certainly ensure that your gift stands out.

Sports-Themed Baby Clothes

For those expectant parents who are sports fans, a great gift to get their new bundle of joy is sports-themed baby clothes and accessories. Nothing will make them more excited to welcome their new child into the world than precious baby sports fan gear. Try checking out Baby Fans, where you can get everything from miniature San Antonio Spurs basketball jerseys to Chicago Bears baby clothes. Game day will be even more special with their child decked out for the occasion.

Personalized Story Book

Finally, for the more literary of those expecting a child, consider creating a personalized story book. You can do this through a company, or make one on your own. Include their baby as one of the main characters and incorporate other family members and friends. This will be a gift that the parents and child will cherish for a lifetime.

Using these tips and ideas of your own, you can ensure that you pick out a baby shower gift that is sure to delight the parents as they welcome the newest member into their family.

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