Thursday, June 5, 2008

Five Tips To Save Money on Your Groceries

Here's some things I thought of while I was grocery shopping the other day. Some quick and easy tips to help you save money on your grocery bill (which I'm sure we could all use with the prices of everything going up.)

Don't go grocery shopping when your hungry. This might sound silly and maybe even obvious, but it's true. If you go when you're hungry you will be more tempted to buy more food. And you also may buy more junk food, which is unhealthy for one thing, and also tends to be more expensive.

2. Shop at the same store. If you do your shopping at the same store every week you will be more likely to purchase only the things you need, and you will also know their prices. I stick with my favorite supermarket, which for me where I live is Market Basket.I feel if you know the layout of a store you will buy your regular items and won't be as tempted to buy whatever is handy, in a store you don't know, because you can't find what you want.(Make sense?) Which could end up costing you more.

3. Go shopping once a week. I talked about this in a previous post Grocery Shopping.
Read more about it there.

4. Make a list. I find that if I make a list or even just mentally plan out ahead, what I'm going to buy, I spend less. If you organize and prepare your shopping list you will more likely stick to it, and spend less because you won't buy things you really don't need, or the more expensive things in the store.

5. Buy generic brands. Maybe you don't agree, but I find the generic brands on many things tastes the same.To me milk is milk, and if I can save money on the store brand, I will. Also sometimes the store brand tastes better than the commercial brand. An example is my sister was visiting recently and loved the french fries I made. She asked what kind they were because she hasn't been able to find a kind she likes, I said Market Basket! (Big plug for Market Basket -lol)

Those are just a few tips I thought of while shopping the other day. Do you have any tips to save money grocery shopping? Let me know, I'd love to get some more ideas!


  1. Got your message on mybloglog. Thanks!
    Grocery shopping tips: I try to limit going to the grocery store to once a week. This is for a variety of reasons: 1. I save a lot of money because every time I go to the store I buy stuff not on my list 2. I have two daughters under the age of three and they are difficult to manage at the store.
    Also, This isn't for everyone but I've discovered a great AOL site called, where you can download coupons onto your loyalty card in advance of the grocery store so no more clipping coupons!!!

  2. Those are good tips especially 1 and 5. Going shopping when I'm hungry is never the best idea as i buy tons of food that i might not even eat for a long time. Not buying brand stuff is always a good call. There really isn't much difference. Nice post Sue.

  3. My tip is to remember that list & your coupons!

  4. Hi Sue, Enjoyed your tips on saving money on your groceries. Thanks for sharing. We usually buy everything at Wal-Mart. But their milk has gotten so high. So sometimes we will buy it at a gas station by McDonald's. It is actually cheaper there, believe it or not. I still think coupons are great to use. We also like the great value orange juice at Wal-Mart. :-)

  5. No matter how long or short my list is, I always abandon it at some point. Whether it's because I think of something else I need, or fall into the trap of insidious marketing. I applaud you for your discipline and your tricks that keep your prices down. I'll definitely have to practice them. Thanks.

  6. Good tips! The one thing I try to do whenever possible is to go shopping alone. No kids, no hubby. I can concentrate so much better, and no impulse buying (well..almost none, hehe)

  7. Tip #1 is so true. I find myself loading more than I need into the shopping basket and I end up with more food than I actually needed.

  8. Another tip is not to bring your kids to the grocery :).

  9. I totally second the 1st one about not going hungry! I pretty much do them all except make a list. I really should do that more often because I end up spending less and having enough food for the week. Image that!

  10. Thanks everyone for your comments. I used to do coupons, and still do once in awhile, but the coupons aren't as good as they used to be (now its buy 3 for 25 cents off or something) Going without the kids does help. Thanks keep the suggestions coming.STAY AT HOME MOM

  11. very good article. yeah, i find that shopping while hungry is a great distraction, not to mention, temptation. lol

  12. Coupons are good if you actually use the products they're for - some things, like name brand deodorants and razors I always try to use coupons for.
    Also, if you have a specific-brand of item, like cat or dog food, that you buy, go to that brand's website.
    Sometimes there are printable coupons there (like for Iams) and sometimes they will e-mail you a coupon (like Whiskas).

    I'm also a "tag-examiner" at the grocery store. Our store tells you how much per ounce or pound or whatever on the shelf label. Often you can get a much better deal by purchasing the larger size.
    For example, a 16 oz box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda was $1.29, but the 32 oz was on price cut for $1.59. The store brand generic 16 oz was 99 cents - so two boxes of that (or 32 oz) would be $1.89.
    I grabbed two boxes of the 32 oz Arm & Hammer - because it's something I use on a regular basis.
    Now, if only I'd had a coupon, too...

  13. These are great tips. My biggest problem is I stray from the list. I will see something on sale or some new thing to try or this or that, shall I go on? I will do better for a couple of weeks and then bam, I am right back at it.

    Great post!