Sunday, June 1, 2008

Your Health Is More Important Than Money

I went to the Doctor's, Friday. It was the first time I've had a physical in a long time. I have been to the Gynecologist for my annual check ups, but I've never been good at going to a regular Physician for checkups. (I've never really been unhealthy for one thing.)

Two things changed that. Number one, in March I turned the dreaded "40!" I was to make it my resolution to go for a checkup definitely when I turned 40. To get all those important tests you start to need when you turn 40.

The second thing was, back in December I fell. Let's just say it was between me, the couch, and one of my cats. I tripped and fell flat on my chest, right on my living room floor, which is hardwood. I knew as soon as I did it, I hurt myself.

The next day, I was in a lot of pain. What possessed me not to go the doctors, was I guess, Number 1, I didn't have a Primary Care Physician. And Number 2, my husband had just gotten new insurance and it would be $100.00 to go to the emergency room. That just seemed like to much money to me to go get an x-ray. So I put it off.

I dealt with the pain, and it seemed to get better. I thought it had all but gone away. For a few months I swear it did. Then about the End of March the beginning of April it started to hurt again. And I felt a like a weird bump where I guess it's my sternum is. Well I finally couldn't deal anymore and finally got an appointment with an Internist.

Friday I went. I told her the problem. At first I swear she thought I was exaggerating or it was no big deal. She said she'd check it. She asked me some more questions about my medical history etc. Then she checked it. The second she touched it I swear her expression changed. She was shocked. I guess probably because she thinks I'm a damn idiot for not getting it checked sooner. And because she's pretty sure I fractured my sternum. She said either that or it's a collection of blood that has gathered there. I'm not sure what that means, and being the damn idiot that I am, I didn't ask.

So Monday morning I have to go in for an x-ray. I guess I'll find out then. I guess it can't be too serious because she said it could wait until Monday and said on the slip I have to give the x-ray people "Priority Normal." I'm just kind of anxious about it, and just want this pain to go away.

So anyway, not to be a downer. But the point of the story is I've learned my lesson, no matter how much it costs, If I do anything like this again I'm going to the Emergency Room (or the Doctor's now that I finally have a "Primary Care Physician" to go to.) I hope others can learn from my mistakes too. You're health really is more important than money.