Sunday, June 8, 2008

Excuse me while I..... Vent!

Sorry for not posting any news sooner, but didn't find out the results of my x-rays until late Friday afternoon. Then I was to tired to post anything until now. Let's just say this week has been emotionally draining.

First off let me just say the nurse told me the x-rays were "normal." That being said let me just tell you why I was still upset. I spent the better half of a week, thinking everything under the sun was wrong with me. Everything from heart problems, a blood clot, I was going to need surgery. All these things ran through my mind. It's amazing how your mind works.

Then I waited, and waited, and waited some more for someone to call me from this Doctors office. I figured I would give them time and they just didn't have the results yet. Finally Friday I couldn't take it anymore, I called them. Only to be met with the receptionist who said the nurse would call me back. About 20 minutes later she calls me back and asked me a bunch of questions, it was basically like she had no idea what I was talking about! She said she would have to check with the Doctor. She finally called me back about an hour and a half later, said the x-rays were "normal" and that was it!

What I'm upset about is here I am all week worried out of my mind, no one even could be bothered to call me about it, I had to call them, when I did they had no idea what I'm talking about. When they finally answer me it's a 30 second phone conversation saying there "normal!"
I was so mad!

I know this is good news and the x-rays didn't show anything. But I still have pain. They barely answered my questions about what this "collection of blood" thing is. They basically don't care! I feel if I hadn't called them, would they have even bothered to call me back?

I got more answers from another Mother from my daughter's school, who happens to be a nurse.
The night before I talked to the Doctor's office (you don't ever actually talk to the Dr!) I was telling her what happened and she said I probably pulled all the muscles and the tendons in that area, and a collection of blood is a "hematoma." And that will eventually go away and will just disperse itself back into your system. But it can take a long time to heal.

Another reason that this whole thing got me so worried was my Mother, has severe Osteoporosis
and it has made me worried that I may have that too.

So all this being said I guess the x-rays were" normal," and I still hate Doctors! Thanks for letting me vent.

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