Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blog About The Things You Love

When I signed up for, I think I read somewhere "get paid to blog about the things you love." So far I've done some interesting posts for them. And I've really enjoyed doing them.

But now SocialSpark is trying to target even more new advertisers. And they would like to know what companies, brands or products bloggers want to sponsor their blogs. For me personally I would love to blog about some of the companies I love. It would be really fun to talk about say, Walmart, or Target! I love those stores.

Or some brands I love like Diet Coke, my favorite soda! How about Lee Jeans. That would be fun, I love those jeans! Some products could be toasters, microwaves or coffee makers. I would love to write about products like that since I've been using them for years!

It would be great for more advertisers to check out SocialSpark, and advertise through them. It would be a win-win situation for everyone. When I first started blogging I remember reading that blogs are so high up in the search engines because they are updated so frequently. And that could be great for advertisers. And if new and exciting advertisers came to SocialSpark, it would be great for bloggers, because then bloggers could blog about the things they love.

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  1. Those are great ideas! I too would love to blog about products I consume on a daily basis!