Monday, June 16, 2008

A Fun Clock For Kids

Teach Me Time Clock is a great new clock especially designed for kids. The Teach Me Time Clock has an interactive talking game that teaches kids how to tell time. This would be great for my daughter who is still learning how to tell time!

The clock also has a nightlight feature. You can adjust when it turns to a soft yellow glow, to green. Green means Go! And can be used for children so they know when it's ok to get up for the day. My daughter would also love this nightlight feature. Because she still uses a nightlight to sleep.

Some of the other features The Teach Me! has include: a fully functional alarm clock, three interchangeable colors, and it can switch from analog to digital so kids can learn both ways of telling time.

This clock would be a great addition to any kids room!

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  1. That would be so cute for my preschool boy! Thanks!