Sunday, June 29, 2008

American Girl Store

My daughter loves American Girl dolls. She received two this past Christmas. She got Felicity (shown) and her friend Elizabeth. She really loves them! Even almost 6 months later, she is still playing with them. She likes to dress them up, take them to the park and put them in their own bed.

She got outfits for them for Christmas too, a bed they can sleep in and a dog and cat. They are really great quality dolls. They are rather expensive though. She wants another one, she hasn't made the final decision as to which one she wants yet. She has until Christmas to decide, because of the expense she will have to wait until then.

My daughter also likes going the the website they have. The American Girl website seems really fun. She likes to look at all the dolls, the accessories and the different things they have on there. There also seems to be a lot of fun games you can play, for free! She seems to enjoy all the different games.

So if your looking for a great present for your daughters I highly recommend the American Girl dolls. And for a great website with lots to do and fun free games check out there website: American Girl Store.

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