Wednesday, February 10, 2010

WW #94 - "Tri-Ominos"

For the 1st time since doing "Wordless Wednesday" I really can not come up with anything. (or anything to exciting, I guess.) I could post an old picture I suppose. But nothing currently is going on. My weekend basically consisted of going to the car wash and playing "board games."

My family really likes games. So I remembered a game I used to play called Tri-ominos. I love this game. So I went out Saturday to try to find it. Unbelievably I found it at the first store I went to, which was Toys R Us!

I was so excited. I then made everyone play it. It is a really cool game. And I may like it more then anyone else. But that's because this is one game I can actually beat them at.


(A few "events" are coming up so hopefully I'll have a more exciting WW next week - lol)

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Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. This is not sponsored by Tri-ominos or Toys R Us. I just love this game, and was happy I found it at Toys R Us. Do I really have to say this? Better safe then sorry.