Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Olympics

I have been really getting into the Olympics. I watch like every second it is on. I was watching the Giant Slalom and really didn't like how they handled that.

I was angry that they stopped Julia Mancuso after Lindsey Vonn crashed. It really wasn't fair. Now Mancuso is in 18th place after that.

I read some are saying the Olympics are a popularity contest. It seems like that. Mancuso is doing a lot better at the Olympics, but they give Vonn all the media. I don't agree with it. Just saying.


  1. I am finding myself loving the Olympics, too!

    I don't know if you got my email through Google Friend connect or not, but I let all of my followers know that when I switched to WP this weekend, my feed was dropped from everyones reader! Can you please go to and re-subscribe to my blog?? THANKS!!

  2. I haven't really ever been into the Olympics before but for some reason this year I find myself drawn to it. Mostly the figure skating, but still. It counts. ;)