Saturday, February 6, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Here's a picture of my back yard. Hardly any snow left. We are not getting the big snow storm that they are getting elsewhere. Which is unusual for us. This year we don't seem to be getting as much snow. Which is fine by me.

But My family wants more snow.


  1. Friday follower- you have a cute blog!

  2. They can have some of my 30 inches.


  3. We have had two days with snow this entire season. Not very good considering I live in Vancouver and we're hosting the winter Olympics in a couple of weeks! They've covered the ski hills with hay (to try to make the ground not as warm) and then they've flown in snow from higher up the mountains. It should be interesting.

    Thanks for following me. I'm following you too!

  4. that is how our house looked but more snow is coming..

  5. I think if they were snowed in like a lot of people are right now, they'd be thinking differently!

  6. nice blog..

    is that your children pic in the banner? wow, they're truly adorable!

    followed you back! thanks for following me! :)

  7. hi Sue :) thanks for the warm visit :) re your question on static pages, yeah you can do that :) see my other blog as an example ( I have created static pages there, one example is the Sales Alerts. I have all my sales alerts posts collated on that page. But i have done that manually (like using a hre f="" commands or simply putting a link on each) since I havent seen any option to automate it.

    don't know if I have explained it clearly, but do come back and shoot me a comment if you still have any questions or clarifications.


  8. We didn't have too much snow yesterday in Long Island.I'm glad we didn't.But it is very cold outside.
    Have a great Sunday!

  9. Now why would you want that? I miss the snow too. All we get around here is rain.