Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #27

The kids have been out of school for about 17 days now. But I meant to share then this idea my daughter's teacher had. The last week of school my daughter's 3rd grade class came up with a list of things they learned during the year.

The students came up with 105 things they learned. The teacher said now you can see the kids actually learned something. Because you ask them "what did you learn in school" and they say "nothing."

Here is 13 things from the list:

1. Cursive Writing
2. Charles Lindbergh
3. Haiku
4. Desert Animals
5. Rocks and Minerals
6. Good Sportsmanship
7. Rain Forests
8. Fractions
9. Country Flags
10. Measurement
11. 50 State Song
12. The Great Depression
13. Chicken Dance


  1. that's a really neat idea that she did! makes the kids proud and the parents even more proud!


  2. Anytime you get Lindbergh and the chicken dance together in a list, it is bound to be good.

  3. I know what you mean about the "nothing" part. Whenever I asked my first grader what did they do in school, he'll say "nothing". But I guess doing nothing makes them smarter than us. :)

  4. The Chicken Dance? Oh dear. Now they'll make YOU learn it.

  5. Those are all very good things to learn. I am not sure what a chicken dance is, though. I bet the kids loved it.

  6. Im sure those kids not having so much fun with fraction and measurements hehehe. Thats a long list. hope they can do all that.

  7. Gotta love the fact they learned "Fifty Nifty United States" as well as the chicken dance. It was obviously a great year! ;)

    (And this was an excellent idea that teacher had!)

  8. I love the teachers idea of making that list. Great list.

  9. That is pretty cool! Great List! Thanks for coming by!

  10. Been there.....what's with third grade teachers and Haiku anyway?

  11. It's neat to compare our kids; one of mine also finished third grade. Instead of the Depression, they did the French and Indian War and some other history. No chicken dance, either.

    Bummer. I'd love to see that kid of mine doing the chicken dance.

  12. I'm going to have the chicken dance song going through my head for the rest of the day now!

    Great list. Takes me back to my school days...

    Happy TT! And thanks for stopping by my list.

  13. Thats awesome her teacher did that! My kids school gave us a list of stuff they should be practicing over the summer which was nice too.

    Stopping by SITS

  14. What a great idea! Nice list!

  15. The chicken dance? LOL. What is that for? Gym?

    Thanks for visiting my blog and Happy TT!

  16. 'what did you learn in school: nothing" that's cheeky funny sweet :-) i've always been curious with haiku and chicken dance.

  17. I am hoping one of those kids will write a haiku about a chicken dance! Thanks for stopping by my PopArtDiva™ Retro Boomer Blog

  18. did they do the Chicken Dance to the 50 state song while they were waving around country flags? Now THAT would be learning....
    happy Thursday, thanks for visiting!

  19. this could be fun for the first day of school...what did you learn last year and what would you like to learn this year. Although since I homeschool I am afraid I'll get the...I didnt learn anything...from them.

    Over from SITS.

  20. So...that's what they're teaching kids these days, the Chicken Dance! :) That is a GREAT idea!

  21. Call me crazy, but I'm the sort of parent who thinks that Chicken Dance Education should be the parents' responsibility & ought to be taught at home :p