Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Thirteen #27

The kids have been out of school for about 17 days now. But I meant to share then this idea my daughter's teacher had. The last week of school my daughter's 3rd grade class came up with a list of things they learned during the year.

The students came up with 105 things they learned. The teacher said now you can see the kids actually learned something. Because you ask them "what did you learn in school" and they say "nothing."

Here is 13 things from the list:

1. Cursive Writing
2. Charles Lindbergh
3. Haiku
4. Desert Animals
5. Rocks and Minerals
6. Good Sportsmanship
7. Rain Forests
8. Fractions
9. Country Flags
10. Measurement
11. 50 State Song
12. The Great Depression
13. Chicken Dance