Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Daughter Surprised Us!

My daughter did something Tuesday that we were all very excited about. After years of swimming in lakes, oceans and pools. And after even taking 3 sessions of swimming lessons. And after years of coaxing and waiting. My daughter finally did something we started to believe she would never do.

What did she do, you wonder? She finally went under water! She is almost 9 1/2 years old, and up until yesterday she refused to go under water. No matter what we told her she would not do it. She thoroughly enjoys swimming and up until now would do everything but go all the way under the water.

Well Tuesday, we went swimming at a lake and she finally went under. Her brother was using the mask, and said he saw some fish under there. She wanted to see too, so she took the mask and with out even realizing it herself, she went all the way under.

Since then there has been no stopping her. She's swimming under water like crazy now!


  1. What a wonderful surprise!
    Good for Her, I bet you are so proud!

  2. Thats great, being a person who's not a good swimmer myself I think it's important that kids do those things.

    please swing by for a visit, it's been awhile

  3. Yay - good for her!
    At least she's been swimming all along - but now she gets to enjoy the full experience!

    It took me a while too - my mom put me in lessons young, but I refused to even learn how to swim until after 4th grade, when I just happened to be coaxed into learning from a counselor at summer camp.

  4. I think it is funny how each child is so different with water ... my one son loves swimming under water but my other hates it! YEAH for your daughter!