Monday, July 20, 2009

Dog Shampoo

Is your dog itching, scratching or just plain smells bad? Have you used dog shampoo on your dog one day only to find the next day that the stink has returned?

Or maybe you have to wait weeks in between washings because you are afraid your dogs skin will be dry and flaky. And sometimes you bath your dog and you rinse and rinse, but you can never get the shampoo to come clean.

If any of this sounds familiar to you then you should try a new dog shampoo. It is called Dogosuds. And it is made by the company Dinovite.

This shampoo is all natural and will help you get back that clean dog smell. The shampoo works great and will keep your dog smelling wonderful for a long time. It also lathers up really nicely. And it rinses very easily.

Dogosuds also contains 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. These oils have natural healing properties in them. The shampoo is also very gentle and soothing. It really works great on dogs who have sensitive skin. It is so natural that it contains no chemicals, no perfumes or fillers. Nothing to irritate your dog's skin.

Some other added benefits you will get from this shampoo is it is a natural flea deterrent and it works great on skunk odor. So check out Dinovite for a terrific shampoo for your dog.


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  1. is this available here in the Philippines yet? my in laws have dogs and I don't like their smells.