Friday, July 10, 2009

BluFrog Contest

I was lucky enough to get some free samples of BluFrog energy drink a few months ago. It was really good. I drank a can of it and my husband brought one to work with him.

BluFrog is also different from other energy drinks. That's because it has healthy ingredients in it. It has real fruit, lower calories and lower carbs then other energy drinks. It also contains nothing artificial and has vitamins in it. It has Vitamin B12, Vitamin B6, and Folate, just to name a few of the vitamins BluFrog has.

There is also a BluFrog contest going on. It is in it's final days so you should really check it out as soon as possible. Because you could win a lot of cool prizes. Some of the prizes include a gamers package. And there is also four trips you could win. The locations of the trips are NY, Chicago, Orlando, or Aspen.

You can enter this contest by three different methods. One is to comment on the BluFrog blog. You can enter by Tweeting. And you can write a blog post about the contest to enter. Check out the BluFrog contest page for more details on how you can enter this awesome contest!


  1. I havent tried it yet...but I'm super excited to! My fear is the after taste. I have the health drink after taste.

  2. Well I like the name of it!