Friday, April 17, 2009

New PayPerPost v4.0!

Did you hear there is going to be a new PayPerPost? Well there is and it's called PayPerPost v4.0. I found out about it the other day by reading the Izea blog.

Right now the new PayPerPost system is in the alpha stage. It is being tested to see how it works and to fix any bugs it might have.

This is really exciting news, though for all bloggers who are members of PayPerPost. The Izea Team has taken all of our feedback from the last 3 years, and incorporated it into the new PayPerPost v4.0.

Bloggers will no longer have to fight over an opportunity again. Each blogger will be assigned different opportunities based on their blogs criteria. Advertisers will be able to have more control over which blogs they work with. Check out a screen shot from my accounts dashboard:

Based on my profile I was matched up with an opportunity. You have 3 days to complete the opportunities. In fact this post I'm writing now is one of my opportunities. This is a sponsored opportunity.

So if you want to be included in this exciting alpha stage of the new Payperpost, visit the Izea blog. Leave a comment on there and you may be given an alpha key, to try out the new system.