Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Hannah Montana Movie

I just got back from "The Hannah Montana Movie." Call me a sucker, but I actually really liked this movie. My daughter is a big Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana fan, so she definitely wanted to see the movie.

As I've mentioned before, AMC Theaters, offers Sat, Sun. and holidays, first showings at $4.00 a ticket. So we went to the first showing today. And it was actually a really good movie. It was funny in parts and touching other parts. I actually laughed so hard at one point some girl in front of me turned around to look at me.

I don't really want to give any of the plot away. But if you or anyone you know are Hannah Montana fans I would really recommend this movie. It was actually really good.

Of course now my daughter wants the movie soundtrack!


  1. The movie soundtrack is excellent ! I love it !

  2. Hi Sue,
    We are fans of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana. Thanks for your input on her movie. I heard on the radio that The Hannah Montana Movie, is the top selling movie for this weekend. She is so successful for such a young age. I like the song she sings with her dad. She is Blessed, that is for sure. :-)

  3. Somehow we've missed the whole Hannah Montana craze around our house. Don't know how, but around here it's all Pokemon lately for my eleven year old daughter.

  4. Oh how sweet. I will wait when it comes to DVD and have my daughter watch it, well the whole family will! :)

  5. My daughter is prime Hannah age, but is just not that into her. I haven't pushed it because it just doesn't seem like a good role model. I have heard very good things about the movie, but since she has no desire to see it, we are going to miss it.

  6. I feel like she is an ok role model. What has she done that is so bad? She sings and acts. And hasn't gotten in to trouble, unlike some celebrities. I like her.

  7. I actually took my sister last week to see it and thought it was cute! Anyways, not sure if you entered or not yet, but I am giving away 3 of the Hannah Montana Movie CDs on my site. (I also have a whole bunch of other great giveaways!)


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