Wednesday, April 22, 2009

C'elle Stem Cells

C'elle Stem Cells could possibly be the "Holy Grail" of stem cells. If you don't know what C'elle is, let me explain. C'elle collects and saves stem cells found naturally in menstrual blood. How great is that? Just think, women can have the power to save potentially life-saving stem cells.

If you have a history of diseases in your family, then C'elle could be a great option for you. Research is now showing that these stem cells could possibly be used to fight diseases. Diseases, such as, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, or even breast cancer.

Wouldn't you want to protect your future, or your loved one's future if you could? Well now, for a limited time, C'elle is offering affordable pricing on their services. Enroll now for only $299, which is $400 off the regular price! When you do enroll use this Promo Code to get your savings: CN400.

With C'elle's patent-pending technology, you can have the peace of mind that you are protecting your future. For only $299 you can enroll now and receive the easy to use collection kit. And you can be reassured that you are doing something to potentially save lives!


  1. I just blogged about this too! Great review.

  2. i got this one too ;) i wish i could afford it though!