Saturday, April 18, 2009

Flowers for Mothers Day

Visiting my mother last week, and then my mother-in-law today, made me realize Mother's Day isn't to far away. I would really like to get them something special for Mother's day.

I was thinking maybe getting them some mothers day flowers. It is always a special feeling to receive flowers on Mother's day. I was just checking out and saw that they have some really nice arrangements on there.

Not only do they have flowers, but they also have plants, food items such as chocolates and even gift baskets. basically has all your Mother's day needs all on one site. If your looking for something special to get your Mom visit today.


  1. I love flowers, but this year I wish for nothing else than a new vacuum cleaner. The one I've got now it awful, and I really want one that actually cleans.

    It's the most boring gift there is, but for this Mother's day it's also the most welcome one.

  2. I always prefer a real live plant that I can nurture and watch grow. I get myself flowers at least once or twice a month at the grocery store. It's a gift to myself, brightens my day.