Thursday, April 2, 2009

Huge Clearance Sale at Sears

Right now Sears is having a huge clearance sale. Sears is offering 75% to 80% off their Fall & Winter Apparel. This sale is going on now until April 18th.

Remember, when I talked about this sale before? I mentioned that I wanted some new sneakers. Well I did go to Sears on a Saturday and purchased some New Balance sneakers. I got a really good price on the sneakers.

Next I really would love to get some new jeans. I really could use a new pair of jeans. Below is a picture of some Levi boot cut jeans that look nice.

I noticed on the Sears website that the jeans are at a great price. Anywhere from $25-$31 for some of the Levi jeans. So if you are looking for a great sale, check out Sears from now until April 18th. You can find the Fall and Winter apparel on sale from 75-80% off.
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