Friday, April 24, 2009

Keep Squirrels Out of Your Home & Garden

I am a nature lover. I love all animals and would never want to hurt any of them. I even love squirrels. They are so cute, running around collecting nuts and running up trees. With their cute fluffy tails.

But squirrels can also be somewhat of a nuisance. Especially if you feed the birds, like I do. Does this picture look familiar?

Now, like I said I love all animals, and don't want to hurt any of them. But when a squirrel gets on my bird feeder, I really do get angry. I do not want them getting on top of my feeder eating all the seed.

Squirrels can also eat plants in your garden. Which can be annoying, since you spend a lot of time and money planting everything. They also can be a problem if they get in your house. If they get in your attic or anywhere else in your house. They can chew on your installation or your electrical wiring. This happened to my mother last year. She discovered a few squirrels had found a way into her attic and were nesting up there. They made a mess of some stuff up there and even chewed through her Christmas Tree lights!

Well, if you have this problem with squirrels, there are
squirrel repellents that can help. Havahart squirrel repellents can help keep squirrels away from your feeders, garden and out of your attic! They repel by taste and odor. And are safe for all your plants. And they don't harm the animals, they just keep them away from where you don't want them! Check out their complete line of repellents to keep squirrels and other wildlife away from your home!


  1. I use to have a lot of squirrels in my yard and it was very hard to keep them out of the bird food. Last winter we had a chipmunk that lived next door, but I have a hunch its the one who chewed on my wires.

  2. I haven't had a lot of problems with squirrels out here in California but back home they were terrible. They were contently digging up the plants in my garden.

  3. Silly squirrel. I am so excited about moving, because there are birds and squirrels all throughut the front and back yard. I will have to keep an eye out on the squirrels in our new yard for this type of behavior, though. As much as I love them, I too wouldn't want them eating the garden I plan on planting or feed in our birdhouses.