Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Update to #DisneySide and Daughter's Birthday Too!

If you remember my previous post here, I was to host a #DisneySide party.

This past Saturday, was my daughter's birthday. She turned 15! I can't believe it.

Here she is on her 15th Birthday(before party):

Here is a collage of Disney Decorations:

we made cupcakes and put them on the cute disney cupcake holder. We also made Mickey Mouse rice krispie treats - in the pan we received. I am the least crafty type person - I would have loved to decorate these, but didn't even attempt. Go here for a really cool Mickey mouse rice krispie decorating idea.

Since we had already made the rainbow cake the #Disneyside box came with (a while ago) - see below:

We decided to also make a Red Velvet cake - one of my daughter's favorites and a different Rainbow Cake from Pillsbury (I think) - neither are pictured - lol

We took her and a couple of her friends to the SpongeBob Movie (she really wanted to see that) and after they came back they had pizza and all the goodies described above. Since 15 year olds don't want to pose for pics (I barely got her to for above) I don't have pics of them (ha-ha)

Another cool thing is that a few of the things in the box my daughter wasn't interested in, my husband gave to one of his coworkers daughters(pictured below). And they are planning a trip to Disney soon so he gave them the Disney planning DVD we got too!

What have you been up to this week? Link up below. I'd love to hear from you too.

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