Sunday, March 22, 2015

Finding Washington DC Hotel Deals Requires Some Planning

Few cities can boast as many tourist attractions as Washington DC. Everything from massive museums to marvelous monuments to some inspiring views is available for the delight of visitors. The downside of such a tremendous draw reflects itself in expensive lodging. However, finding 
cheap hotels in Washington DC is a pretty reasonable task. With the help of online travel guides, considering alternative accommodations, and timing saving money on a great hotel in this destination city can actually be a fairly simple task.

Online Travel Guides
The internet has been a boom for travelers thanks to the horde of information it has unleashed. Finding great places to stay that are off the beaten path, even in a city as large as DC, can be a treat that helps visitors experience the city in a different way. Taking a bit of time to research a few of the many available webpages dedicated to visiting the area is a great way to uncover some hidden gems.

Alternative Accommodations
Inexpensive lodging in Washington DC could include some alternatives to traditional hotels. Hostels and apartments are regularly rented out at rates that are far cheaper than any hotel in the downtown area. Of course, staying a bit farther away from the city and utilizing the public transportation system of the area also provides significant savings. Before ruling out the hostel idea, travelers should check out just how much money will be saved by taking a different look on lodging, especially if traveling with a large group.

Washington DC is a busy town. Spring tends to be busy with school field trips, and early summer and early fall are usually key times for government officials to start packing the area with staff, which means prices get pushed up quickly. Planning to visit during winter months is risky because of snow, but this time of year can present some pretty serious savings on hotel rates. Plus, weekend rates tend drift a little higher simply because of the flurry of activity, which means staying during the week off peak season will probably reveal a better hotel deal.

In the end, Washington DC has a lot of attractions. Fitting everything the city has to offer into a short vacation is nearly impossible, but scoring a great hotel rate on a property within walking distance to many activities will probably mean another trip. In the end, saving money by researching the area with online travel guides, checking into non-traditional lodging options, and careful timing will delight even the most frugal of travelers.

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