Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Great Hobbies to Take Up in a Retirement Home

Living in a nursing home can either be very pleasant or very boring. It is all about what you choose to make of it. If you have a positive attitude, then you will see it as a time to learn fun new hobbies to pass the time.

Why Should You Stay Active in a Nursing Home?

Staying mentally and physically active during retirement is very important. A study from the Weizmann Institute of Science found that taking up activities during retirement boosts physical health and reduces the risk of dementia.
Many residents have a more difficult time staying active in a nursing home. Fortunately, more of these facilities are expanding the types of services available to their residents so that they can stay active and healthy in retirement.

Hobbies to Practice During Retirement?

What types of activities can you do while living in a retirement home? Here are some great ideas worth trying.
Some retirement homes offer woodworking classes to their residents. You can learn build replicas of buildings, model airplanes and a number of other projects.
Creative Writing
You have lived a lifetime, which has given you many exceptional experiences that you have learned from. You can take your retirement to reflect on these experiences through creative writing. Writing poetry and short stories can be a great way to pass the time and cope with any residual stress from your prior life.
Many retirement communities have gardens that their residents can participate in. Gardening can be a very relaxing way to spend your time. It can also be a good way to bond with other residents, since it will probably be an activity that many other people are participating in as well.
Playing Cards
Card games are unquestionably one of the most relaxing ways to kill time.  Rummy, solitaire and other card games are all very popular activities in nursing homes. Deborah Durham recently posted a great list of activities on Pinterest that seniors can play to keep themselves occupied. You can spend hours playing these games with the staff and other residents to keep yourself entertained.

Staying physically active is very important during retirement. You may not have the same energy that you used to, but you may be surprised by what you can accomplish if you are willing to push yourself. Many communities encourage residents to go on regular walks, which is a good way to stay fit and improve your mental health.

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