Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Camping 2014

My daughter and I went on sort of a spur of the moment camping trip.  - It was more spur of the moment than usual - because we only had like 3 days planning time. My husband had to work - so he just set up the camper for us. 

When we go camping I help out with everything as much as I can. But my husband usually does some things I don't. Like the fire. Here is my attempt at a fire - came out ok - as it went along it got better- but the wood we bought from the campground was really not burning well.

Here is the lake - Bear Creek Lake - we go swimming at:

My husband came back up for one night after work - but my daughter and I were on our own for 2 1/2 days. I am pretty proud of myself for doing all the cooking, and other "camping" things by myself!

I wish we had time to go camping again. But we may not be able to again this year. Do you like camping? I love it!