Friday, August 22, 2014

Save on Insurance

Savvy consumers often seek ways to save on mandatory and optional expenses. For example, auto insurance is required for any licensed driver in the United States of America. This type of fixed expense will arise as long as a person has a vehicle registered in their name, but there are plenty of ways to save on insurance. In fact, automobile insurance must be purchased regardless of whether a car is driven or not. One way to save on this type of expense is to purchase bundles that include homeowner's or renter's insurance. Additionally, automobile insurance can be combined with protection for watercraft, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. Consumers can also receive discounts when adding multiple vehicles to a single auto insurance policy.

When shopping for a new car, customers should consider safety features in order to save money on automobile insurance bills. Nearly all new vehicles are equipped with anti-lock brakes and standard airbags. However, there are plenty of other favorable safety features that automobile insurance companies will offer discounts for having on your vehicle. For example, accident-preventing digital technology has been proven to significantly minimize the risk of crashes on highways and local roads. Cars that are equipped with alerts for lane changes and forward and rear collisions qualify for major discounts on insurance policies. Rearview cameras, daytime running lights and traction control systems are some other safety factors that can help reduce an auto insurance bill.

Maintaining a good driving record is entirely in the hands of the driver. A good history on the road equals savings on automobile insurance. Premiums tend to stay the same when customers do not acquire any points for traffic violations. Some agencies can also reward loyal clients with discounts for maintaining a clean driving record as confirmed by the local Department of Motor Vehicles. Drivers who have received traffic violations can minimize spikes in insurance premiums by attending defensive driving courses and other suggested seminars. In some states, it might be mandatory for drivers accused of DWI or DUI to attend special classes in order to "erase" the traffic violation points.

Customers can learn more about ways to save on auto insurance by talking directly to an agent by phone or in person. Special discounts might apply to military veterans, senior citizens and individuals who belong to certain national organizations. Paying in advance for auto insurance premiums can also earn customers major discounts.


  1. Now I have the jingle in my head about Nationwide! I was happy to see I could search locally too.

  2. We get our auto ins through the military and I am pretty sure we have a decent savings.