Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Civil War Re-enactment

Saturday they did a Civil War reenactment In Petersburg, VA (which is the town right next to me)

it was to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of what is known as the Battle of the Crater. Which on July 30, 1864 - which basically short version - Union Soldiers blew up a mine and created a huge "Crater" Then there was a huge battle between the confederates and union. Well over 4 to 5 thousand people died at this battle.

Read more about it here and here.

I also wrote a post on it before with pics - here - and had some pictures of the actual Crater too.

Here is some pics I took of the re-enactment:

Union Soldiers and their camp:

This is picture of entrance to mine/tunnel (Union soldiers dug this mine - which was over 500 feet long & eventually was what they used to blow up and create the Crater)

sign showing where the union was (didn't get pic of the confederate one)

Confederate soldiers & camp:

Can you see the cannon in the background?

well they were shooting off the cannons. I wish I got closer - for picture - but not really because you would not believe how incredibly loud they were. I was a little scared each time. A little girl near me started crying. The Confederate side shot one off and about 15 to 20 min later the Union side would shoot 2 at them.

Can you see the smoke? These were the real deal!  - I can not imagine what it was like during the real war.

It was cool to go to this and learn more about the Civil War. I love history - don't you?