Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WW "Retired Books"

One thing that is cool about where I live now, is the library system. We have access to I think like 13 different libraries, in surrounding towns.

My daughter needed a book for her reading class at school, so we looked online and found the book. It was located in a library we hadn't been to yet. We went there last week and found the book. We looked around and it is a pretty cool library. They also have a good DVD selection.

Here's something interesting I found:

There was some shelves of books. If you can't read the sign above, it says "Retired Books, Looking for a Home, Please Help." 

I never heard of "retired books" before. These looked like perfectly good books to me. But hey what the heck so far I've taken like 6 books from this. And I get to keep them and not worry about returning them on time (which I'm kinda bad at.) Well next time I go there, I'll look for some more.