Monday, January 14, 2013

The First Communion (Guest Post)

Communion and especially first communion is a very important event in a child’s religious upbringing, and it is the first reception of the sacrament. There is usually a large party or a large family gathering associated with this important celebration, and the child receiving first communion wears a special outfit. Since the child is typically older, about 7 or 8, they often want to wear an outfit that is not only appropriate but also showcases a bit of the child’s personality. The clothing is often white to symbolize the child’s purity. The girls typically wear fancy dresses, such as those found at Noori dresses while the boys have on fancy suits. The first communion is a very important spiritual even in a child’s life, as well as a celebratory occasion for the entire family. Many families choose to take professional photos to capture the moment, so make it a day to remember.