Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Engage your kids with Splatalot

The following is a guest post from Splatalot:

 With childhood obesity now considered to be at an all time high, many parents are trying to get their kids to engage in a more active lifestyle. However, they face a challenge in convincing their children that physical activity can be fun. After all no child wants to run the track in circles or do continuous sit-ups. If you are looking for a new way to get your kids interested in exercise, consider watching the Canadian medieval themed physical game show Splatalot, and making it a family ritual.

 Splatalot, is physical activity game show for kids featured on the YTV channel and is similar to the television show Wipeout! In the show the kids have to get through a large, extreme obstacle course with three rounds of competition. In al,l they will face crossing the moat, escaping the stockade and finally capture the Crown. In each episode a new group of 12 tweens and teens that will compete to be the fasted on the course. But that is not all. As if obstacles weren’t enough the teens will face the ‘Defenders’, which is an international squad of nine medieval ‘gladiators’ whose mission is to protect the castle from the contestants know as the Attackers. Once the first Attacker gets through the Defenders and the obstacle course they win.

 Parents can kids can cheer for their favourite contestant and laugh at the ones that go “Splat!” and at the same time realize how much fun physical activity can be. The obstacles are unusual and a lot of fun, and they show is presented in a comedic way that is sure to keep the whole family excited and entertained -definitely different and more stimulating than your average gym class. The show has become so popular that there are even now international editions filming.

 Because of the success of the show there is now a game developed called; Splatalot 2: Capture the Crown 2. The game is available on the games section of the YTV website. In the game, the challenger has to pass through several obstacles to capture the crown in the end. Fans of the show will recognize many of the obstacles from television within the game. Since the Splatalot 2: Capture the Crown 2 is absolutely free of charge and available on the internet it means that kids can hone their obstacle course skills at any time, even with the snow blanketing the outside world. The controllers and concept are easy to use and easy to follow, respectively, which means that kids will not get very easily discouraged with the gaming.

 With heaps and loads of splashes and spills, Splatalot is a great show for kids to watch and enjoy with the families, and who knows maybe with a little training your child will want to one day participate in the game show itself? In the mean time they can practice their obstacle course navigation through interactive game available on YTV. Splatalot get the kids and their families excited about physical activity and exercise.


  1. That is pretty darn cool. I have all boys, so they love to play outside and I know how lucky I am that I can say that. Sure, they like video games, too, but I limit the time they play and insist that they spend time outside.

  2. Anything to get kids moving. Looks like fun.