Friday, February 1, 2013

Progress Cards Review

I have a fun and helpful review for you guys. If you are a parent then I think you will be interested in this product.

Here is a description of the product:

Progress Cards help children manage and express difficult feelings, learn tips to improve behaviors, and learn effective coping skills to deal with divorce, death, bullies, and much more. Here at the beginning of the new year, many adults and children are making resolutions and creating goals. Unfortunately, many are not successful for 2 reasons. First, they know what they want to stop doing, but they often don't know exactly what to practice instead. Progress Cards provide specific behaviors for 60 different goals-from study skills, friendship skills, to making and saving money. Second, everyone needs support when they are learning new behaviors since it takes so much extra energy and effort to develop new habits. Parent Passes are 60 different rewards to use after you sort them with your child to determine what motivates your child a little and a lot

My review:

I received 60 Progress cards and 60 parent passes recently, and a Progress Book. My daughter seemed eager to give this a try. She is getting to the teenage years and could use a little help with her behavior sometimes. 

One card, I came across is Improve Your Self Discipline. A few points from that are:

  1. Think about what you say before you say it
  2. Control Your Temper
  3. Keep a good attitude. Fight the Temptation to complain, give up, or tune out. Follow the rules.

Those are a few (on that card) that stood out to me. My daughter is getting close to 13  and could learn from this. She can have a temper and sometimes complains too much. This is something she could really work on.

Another card that she found interesting was some suggestions for Healthy Meals. Fruits, vegetables, whole grain foods, etc. What kid couldn't use some help with eating healthier?

And there are so many more cards for all kinds of situations.

And It also includes Parent Passes. Which is sort of like a reward system. There are 60 different rewards that you can sort through with your child and determine what would motivate your child a little or a lot. You can divide them into small rewards and large rewards. 

So after they exhibit and practice a few good behaviors, etc. or whatever card you may be working on you could give them a reward. Depending on how many things they have done you could give them either a small reward or a big reward.

An example of one of the rewards (which my daughter deemed as a small reward) is: This coupon is redeemable for us to go on a bike ride together.

An other example she thinks is a large reward was: This is redeemable for us to go roller skating (which she likes doing and we haven't done in a long time)

So this seems like a great system, and a way to really motivate your children. I personally have got to get going on this more. Maybe even with my son. I saw some ones for study skills in here - I've got to look over, because he could use some help with that!

The generous makers of these card (developed by Scott Erlt - an elementary school consoler for 16 years) are offering my readers a link for you to print all 60 Parent Passes for free:

There is also a Progress book in which children can rate themselves in 60 different areas. This can help them find their strengths and weaknesses and ways to improve.

Here is a link for you to download a free Progress book:

You can also purchase the "Parent Pack" which includes the complete set of 60 Progress Cards, 60 Parent Passes and Progress book for $16.99 (+S&H)

For more information visit these links:

Progress Cards Website
Progress Cards on Facebook

Disclosure: I received the above described products for free to facilitate my review. No other compensations was given, and my opinions are my own. 


  1. The last time I went rollerskating I almost ate it! :)

  2. I'm pretty sure that I know a few adults that could benefit from these, too ;)

  3. I like those ideas! I might try using some of those reward cards with my kids. I'll have to check out the rest of the system.

  4. I have to admit that I kinda like this idea!