Sunday, February 3, 2013

Update: Weight Loss So Far

Hey guys. I'm here to update you on my weight loss. Do you remember my post on this? If not then go read this post:  My Weight Loss Plan - 90 Day Challenge

Anyway, I will give you a  brief run down of events, as I see it. I received the African Mango 1200 from Creative Bioscience  about 6 weeks ago.

So you think I would be on my second bottle of the pills right? Well not exactly. I have about a weeks worth left of the 1st bottle. You are supposed to take two a day in the morning. And well a lot of times I forget. I also don't always take them in the morning sometimes it is late afternoon if I remember to take them.

Mostly because, I just have never been much of a pill taker so that is why I forget, and I have always had a hard time swallowing pills. And these are no exception. I find them kinda hard to swallow. Well that could be just my hang up. You may do better with them - it's probably just me.

Well to get back on track of this post - I basically just want to update you on my weight loss so far. I want to mention that when I do take the African Mango pills it does stave off my hunger. Like it says in the product description:

African Mango reduces hunger by stimulating Leptin, which tells your body it has had enough to eat.

You know that famished feeling  you might get? Well taking these pill really curbs my appetite.

So drum roll total weight loss so far it 6 pounds!

I am really happy with this, because I can't even remember the last time I lost any weight whatsover.

I will give you another update soon. And should be having a giveaway for this product soon too!

If you would like to purchase a Creative Bioscience product for yourself I have a coupon code for you. Use SAHM at checkout and you will get an additional 15% off.

Disclosure: I received a 90 day supply of the above product from Creative Bioscience to sponsor my weight loss challenge. No other compensation was given and my opinions are my own.