Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Children’s Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold Review - $2.00 coupon

Hi everyone. I recently received some Children's Mucinex. I got it from Smiley 360

Here is some important info on it and a video:

  • Use as directed
  • A bad cold can make your child miserable. Children’s Mucinex® can help.
  • Children’s Mucinex® provides fast acting relief for your child’s worst cold symptoms
  • Children’s Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold relieves stuffy nose, cough and chest congestion
  • Children’s Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold liquid comes in a very Berrylicious flavor
  • You can feel confident knowing that Children’s Mucinex® Multi-Symptom Cold liquid is safe and effective when used as directed, so Moms and kids can move on and have a great day.

Luckily (knock on wood) we haven't had really any sicknesses around here for a long time. I know I just jinxed it. But I have tried the adult Mucinex products awhile ago, and they worked great. So if one of the kids get sick (please no - cross fingers) I feel good knowing I have the Childrens Mucinex up in my cabinet.

If  you would like a coupon then check this out:

Click here if you would like a $2.00 off coupon!

Disclosure: I received information from Mucinex and Smiley360, along with a free sample.


  1. I've seen adult Mucinex products in the store, but I usually walk past them because they're more expensive than any other brand. I didn't realize they had kid products.

  2. thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting yesterday! I don't know if they have mucinex in canada, i'll have to keep an eye open for it!