Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WW "More Places My Cat Sits/sleeps"

Remember how I posted about places my cat goes? Well since then we got her a cat bed. My daughter wanted to get her this for Christmas, and to my surprise the cat loves it.

And remember how I said I saw her sitting on top of the refrigerator? Well she is still doing that on a daily bases too - lol

Happy Wednesday Everyone! 

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  1. But she can see everything from way up there :)

  2. I wonder where she'd go if you had the top of the fridge all filled up!

  3. She's a beauty!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my WW post. :-)


  4. she is a very pretty kitty, with special tastes in napping places!
    thanks for your comments on my deer photos! Have a wonderful weekend.
    GrammyMouseTails, my funny Valentine

  5. Pretty kitty, it is amazing the places they can reach. Happy weekend!

  6. She's a beautiful cat. Cats can go anywhere that's for sure. My daughter and son-in-law have to keep children's locks on all of their cabinet and drawer doors. They have one cat that can and does go everywhere if not locked out!

    Happy weekend!

  7. Reminds me of a mountain cat..up high and ready for anything..she's so cute..

  8. I had two cats that I fostered(at different times) and the both liked to hang out and sleep on the fridge. We finally just gave them a bed up there. :)