Friday, March 7, 2008

The Spaghetti Stain Versus the Plastic Container

A great tip I heard the other day has to do with "Pam" (or any other cooking spray) and plastic ware.

You know how, when you put spaghetti, or anything with sauce in it, into a plastic container and then the sauce stains it? It's virtually impossible to get the stain out. So you end up having to throw out the plastic container.

Well a way to avoid that is to spray some "Pam", or other cooking spray, in the plastic before you put the food in it. This will prevent the stain from adhering to the plastic, and save you time from trying to scrub out the stain, and save you money too, because you won't have to throw out all those containers and buy new ones.

I tried this last time I had spaghetti, and it really works!