Sunday, March 30, 2008

Teachers Aren't Supposed To Go On Strike

In the state of New Hampshire, where I live, it is illegal for teachers to strike. It could be a law everywhere, I'm not sure. But that is what is happening in the city where I live. The teachers are going to go on strike.

I am not an expert by any means on the subject, but am just speaking from my own personal views. What has happened in my city is the teachers have been working without a contract for close to two years. They have been trying to negotiate a contract with the town officials for that amount of time, and every time they get close to finalizing it, it doesn't get done. Mostly because the teachers want raises, and the stickler for the Mayor and other town officials is that they don't want to give them
retroactive raises.

So the Mayor has vetoed the contract every time. It's at the boiling point now though. A few weeks ago the teachers union gave the teachers permission to strike if need be. Even though it is a State Law not to strike, the teachers are going to anyway. About two weeks ago they gave the deadline of March 31st and if the contract isn't settled by then, they will strike.

So in the mean time, kids will not be able to attend school, they have threatened teachers their jobs if they go on strike, and parents in the city are worried about the outcome.

As of this writing the teachers union, officials and mediators were in talks for over 10 hours, which ended without an agreement. They are to resume talks today at 9:00 am. If the contract is not settled by the end of today, the teachers will go on strike. And the consequences of that on students, teachers and parents are still to be determined.

Well that's just a glimpse of what has been going on in my life, I just have been kind of worried about it for a couple of weeks now, so thought I would just write about it.


  1. It's my opinion that elementary level teachers are the most underpaid and under appreciated workers in this country. It's a shame and I hope the teachers in your area work it out soon. It's the kids who end up suffering.

  2. If your state is anything like WV, they can allot money to plant flowers along the highway (and pray for rain)but don't give kids a blooming chance. Just like flowers need rain, kids need teachers, and the teachers shouldn't ever need to take a part time job to make ends meet.

  3. I hope they don't gon on strike and everything gets better

  4. It is sad that kids have to pay for adults mistakes in this case the mayor on this town or the autority that should have take care of this, but is the right of the teachers to demand a fear contract that protect them, if teachers are not happy, I would not like to send my kid to a mad teacher, I think maybe the parents should support the teachers strike and find the way to solve the problem together, as a Unity, as one even it sounds weird, intresting blog, it concerns to everybody when it comes to society and education specially :).

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments. Good news as of now a tentative agreement has been reached. With less then 7 hours before they were to strike, the strike for now has been averted. And the kids will be having school tomorrow. I think this should be settled by tomorrow. I guess the threat of a strike finally got them to settle this!

  6. Teachers should be paid reasonably well to a comfortable standard of living. They are to give heart and soul commitment even to the extend of
    off school hours. Try to understand their load of responsibilities plus we do not want them to take 2nd job as this will diminish their focus in their first job. In Asian countries, you see teachers giving private tuitions extensively. I agree with "Shine" that the parents should support the teachers strike and find the way to solve the problem together.

    Shrek from MyBlogLog

  7. Hi Sue,

    It's good that they have somehow settled the issue.

    It's always best to be supportive of the school teachers in our community as long as their demands are just and reasonable, just like in this case.

  8. How sad - that the threat of a strike is what it takes to wake these people up.

    I have the utmost respect for teachers everywhere - and they are the most underpaid. So many of them work summer school just to pay the bills, and these are the same ones that use their own personal $$ to bring more into their classrooms. It's a most unselfish profession... and I'm SO glad to hear that the issue is finally getting worked out.

    Sometimes you just have to put your foot down - and after 2 years - who can blame 'em?

  9. Thanks Mark and dette, the latest is that the contract was signed by all parties, with 1 year retroactive pay, a 5 year contract and better Health Care (which was another issue they were having) Everyone's happy and most importantly the kids didn't have to miss any school. :D

  10. That was sad... Glad it worked out in the end! :)

    But well at least for the kids it wouldn't have been a total bummer. I remember vaguely when teachers from my school went on strike (or was it a called day off for some sort of meeting? not sure), but the kids who were my age had the attitude of "partayyyy" they had a ball!

    But what _is_ sad tho' was that I had no friends at the time, and so I stayed home watching my Looney Tunes episodes, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam were the shizzle!

    I was just happy that I didn't have to go to school. Uhk.. flashbacks... anyway... sorry to rant lol :P have a good one sue!

  11. Thanks rvdavid, I know my son was somewhat upset when they had school - lol! But it's better off to go back, because they don't want to go into the Summer!