Saturday, March 1, 2008

More Snow In New Hampshire

As of yesterday, we were at 102.2" of snowfall in the State of New Hampshire. That had us in 2nd place for highest snowfall in a winter season since 1900 and only the third time we've reached 100" since 1900! We probably will beat the record by the end of the season for the most snow in our state.

We sure have had a lot of snow this winter! My son is stuck in the house with a cold, so he didn't really go out in the snow today. But my daughter, husband and I did. They built a snow man, built a snow fort, and dug a "chair" in the snow, and dug a hole to climb in! Then came in for some hot chocolate.

My daughter loves playing in the snow. It's great fun for kids, but I sure have had enough of it. But it does look pretty, here's a picture of the trees in my back yard.


  1. Looks like your daughter is really enjoying herself. :)

  2. I hear you Sue...I can't tell you how much snow we have had in Lake George, NY. Enough already...I want the spring to come :)
    By the way Great Blog, entertaining!

  3. You guys keep packing in the snowflakes. We need your spring thaw here in the south. We're literally having border battles and law suits because it's so dry. Thank God for the thundertorms tonight!

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  4. As much as i love the snow seems to me 100 inches is a bit much but i would like just once Love to see it. I lived in New York for a time ive seen it get few feet deep but one time id just like to climb a mountain of it, lol then id have to stand in a tub full of hot water LOL.