Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Letter to a Soldier

This is a letter my daughter wrote for her Brownie Troop. They are going to send some letters and pictures along with 6 cases of Girl Scout Cookies (that they raised the money for) to The Troops.

Dear Soldier,

My name is Amanda. I'm in Brownie Troop 10307. Thank you for helping me be a Brownie. My Dad says you are helping me be free, so I can do what I want. Thanks.

Your friend Amanda
Brownie Troop 10307

(Yesterday was the 5th year Anniversary of the beginning of the War, let us not forget!)


  1. Aww that's awesome! Congratulate your daughter on a job well done for me! (From one GS to another!) :)

  2. Thanks Ginger, That means a lot to me. I'm not for the war. But I'm for Supporting The Troops!
    (Also go GS!)

  3. Hi Sue thats adorable. I'm not for the war either but I am for supporting the troops always.


  4. Hi Sue,

    I think your daughter is very sweet. I'm sure her letter will be really appreciated.

  5. Thanks Tim and Mark,

    Her brownie troop leader said The Troops like to get the cookies, but they like the pictures and letters they receive even more!

  6. Oh this letter is so touching. May your daughter touch the heart of many more soldiers. They are a breed of forgotten heroes. Thanks for the touching post. God bless you and your family always.

  7. I think letters like these would serve as a form of validation of purpose for some of your troops.

    Even the shortest of letters and the smallest of packages deliver the best messages.

  8. Thanks Mel, rvdavid & Daisy. That's one of the reasons I like The Girl Scouts too, it teaches kids about caring about others!

  9. Sue that is wonderful! It is nice to see other people supporting our troops. My cousin just got back from Iraq a couple months ago. It is great to see that people are doing their best to touch our soldiers lives.

    Thanks a bunch

    The baked blogger

  10. Thanks Rachel for stopping by and for your nice comment. I hope your cousin is doing well. :D

  11. Sue,
    I think that is very admirable of your daughter. My brother is over there right now and I know that he told me our soldiers hardly every get mail or gift boxes from anyone. My other brother who just came back from over there - the place where he works sends out a gift box once a month, filled with stuff like magazines, gum, dental floss , etc. cuz it is hard to come by over there. Many blessings and God Bless.

  12. Thanks Nyte & NyteGoddessBoo,
    It's sad that people seemed to have forgotten about the soldiers. I hope your brothers are safe and well.

  13. That was a really sweet letter! :)