Monday, March 17, 2008

You're Never too Old to Sit on The Easter Bunny's Lap

My daughter turned 8 years old last month, but she still wants to go visit the Easter Bunny this week. Every year we visit Santa Claus & the Easter Bunny. I have a picture taken of her every year with each. It's not my choice, she loves to do it!

This year I keep asking her, "Are you sure you want to go visit the Easter Bunny this year?" And she keeps saying, "Yes." It's not that I don't like the Easter Bunny, it's just I don't feel like going down to the mall, standing in line waiting to get the annual picture taken.

I have some horror stories about standing in line for Santa. One year we literally waited in line for 3 hours so she could sit on Santa's lap! But the poor Easter Bunny doesn't seem to be as popular. The line usually isn't to bad.

But I keep thinking she's too old for it, especially when you get their and it's mostly kids 2 and under. And she's towering over them at her age. But I guess as long as she enjoys it and wants to do it, I should enjoy it and let her do it for as long as she wants. Considering my son was always afraid of Santa, (I don't have one single picture of him with Santa) and only one year when he was like 2 years old did he get a picture with the Easter Bunny.

So I guess we'll go Wednesday, (because she gets out of school early that day) to make our annual visit to the Easter Bunny!


  1. Hi Sue,

    It's always nice to have some kind of family tradition going in a home.

    We should all be spending more time with our children as often as we can, specially while they are still willing to go with us. Time flies and they'll soon want to be on their own or with somebody else. Let's all treasure the moments we have with our family.

    So, just keep it up. :)

  2. Easter bunnies rule and Santa is Cool!

    Hey that rhymes! anyway... I'm sure she will be looking back at the photos when she becomes of conscious age and will realise that she had a great childhood. Something which I wish I could give my children when the time comes.

    There's the tradition part that Mark talks about :) that's cool too, then there's the memories of going to the mall with her mother to see the bunny or santa which I think is great.

    Also, another theory would be that she is making up for the years that Santa lost with her brother :)

    Something along the lines of...

    $sisterVisits = $visitsQuota + $brotherVisitsMissed;

    echo $sisterVisits;

  3. Hi Sue, I agree with Mark's message. Enjoy these years with your children. They grow up so fast. Memories last a life time! :-)

  4. Thanks everyone, I can't wait to go see the Easter Bunny! :-)

  5. I think it's just WONDERFUL that she wants to do this! The innocence of youth is lost far too soon nowadays! Let her be a kid for AS LONG AS she wants, I say!

    Have a Happy Easter!

  6. I agree with Kimba... my girls lost interest in going to see the Easter Bunny AND Santa long before I was ready to give up taking them. They really are the boss though, (in this at least), because take my word for it... if you take them after they lose interest, the pictures come out horrible. LOL!

  7. Thanks kimba & ginger. She has her dress picked out for tomorrow to get her picture taken. I'm going to try to post the picture on here after that sometime soon.

  8. Well this is 2 times in a row i get to post i made it on kimbas so i thought id hurry up to post here while i had the chance. as far as me sittng my fat butt on the easter bunnies lap im sure he would deny me that privledge lol

  9. Funny Nyte. I guess technically somebody could be too old to sit on the Easter Bunny's lap after all - lol!