Monday, March 3, 2008

Buying Kids Clothes on eBay

You always hear about people selling on eBay, but you don't hear much about buying on eBay. I tried to sell a few things, I had some luck, but to me it seemed like a lot of effort without much profit.

But I have had some luck on buying on eBay. One thing I have bought is clothes for my kids. After doing a little research, I have gotten some really good deals.

I go to the clothing category, click say girls clothes. One piece of advice is go 1 to 2 sizes above their size. The clothes seem to run a little small. Then if I'm looking for say sweaters, I check that and I sort by Price + Shipping lowest first. Then I like to look for more then one piece of clothing sold together.

If you see something you like place a bid on it, enter a maximum bid, but don't go to high. One of the things you have to watch out for is getting in a "bidding war" with someone. You'll end up paying more then you intended. I learned sometimes you have to let some of the items go, if it goes higher then you had wanted. Also make sure you check the sellers feedback.

But for example my daughter takes dance classes, and I won 5 dance outfits for only 1 dollar. I also got about 5 pairs of pajamas for my son for 99 cents. Even with shipping charges they were both deals. Another note is I've bought mostly "used" clothes (that's how you can get such great deals), but all have been in good to practically like new condition.

So if you want to save money on kids clothes, check out eBay for some great deals!

(*above is picture of 2 sweaters I won for my daughter for only $1.79)