Tuesday, November 17, 2015

WW: Pecans!

Remember those Pecan trees at my son's school? well I've been picking some over the past month. 

This is some of the pecan's I have (my husband did one day too) picked. This just may look like a big bunch of brown nuts. But there is a lot that actually goes into getting these. lol

Also you have to crack them all:

But when you're done this is what you get;

and pecans are pretty expensive if you buy them at the store.

So I am excited because I plan on making my Mom's Pecan Rolls for Thanksgiving. She is mailing me the recipe. Since she made them for ever and I never have actually tried to make them myself. I will hopefully post pics and recipe after I make them! 

Do you have any family recipes you make for Thanksgiving? 

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